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Cans & can ends

Complete lines and single machines to produce and fill welded 3 piece cans, drawn 2 piece cans and any kind of ends from semi-automatic equipment to fully automatic high capacity lines, e.g.:

  • CANMAN / Switzerland: Duplex slitters, can body blank delivery systems from slitter to welder, automatic and semiautomatic can body welding machines, induction curing systems for curing welding seam protection and to lacquer and cure welded handle ears
  • FREI / Switzerland: Systems to protect welding seams of cans with powder and/or wet lacquer including powder and wet lacquer application systems and curing ovens powered by gas or electricity, exit conveyors for welders, 360° powder coating and monoblock can debossing
  • GERMANN + FREI / Switzerland: Can body forming machines, including expanders, parting, necking, flanging, beading as single machines, close coupled lines or combined machines
  • Lines to produce decorative cans / fancy cans for e.g. tee, sweets, biscuits or as sales supporting packaging
  • PAMASOL / Switzerland: Aerosol and spray filling machines and peripheral equipment
  • Complete lines to produce aerosol cones and domes from stripe or full sheet
  • Complete lines to produce any kind of can, drum and pail ends (standard ends, EOE easy open ends, PME pealable membrane ends, rings, pail and drum ends, a.s.o.) from stripe or full sheet
  • Complete lines to produce deep drawn 2 piece cans (round, rectangular and hansa) from stripe or full sheet
  • Complete lines to produce drums and pails, including ear and handle application
  • Complete lines to produce aluminium monoblock aerosol can of beverage bottles
  • Complete lines to lacquer, print and cure metal sheets, ovens 18 – 36m heated length, incineration and heat-recovering systems
  • Equipment to print and lacquer aerosol monoblock cans and beverage bottles
  • Leak testers
  • Can and end transports and accumulation systems, palletizers, wrappers, strappers, depalletizers, carton packing equimpent, a.s.o.
  • Laboratory and quality control equipment