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Flexible and modular extendable equipment for production of aerosols and spray systems as well as peripheral equipment from small scale filling machines up to complete high speed production lines, for integration in existing filling lines or as complete new solutions in all ranges of capacity:

  • Semiautomatic filling and closing equipment for laboratory or small scale production
  • Automatic indexing filling and closing equipment for standard containers and valves
  • Continuous motion rotary machines for production at high speed
  • Explosion protected gas houses as filling rooms for flammable propellants
  • Water test bathes for “conforming to the law“ testing of filled aerosol containers concerning pressure resistance and tightness
  • Leak testers to make sure only pressure resistant and nonhazardous pressure packs coming into sales
  • Sorting, Feeding and placing equipment for cans, valves, spray heads, caps, spray caps, threaded rings, etc.
  • Ink-jet or laser coding devices
  • Checkweighers
  • Labelling machines
  • Pumps for product components, propellants and vacuum
  • Measuring gauges as indispensable utilities for quality control

Exemplarily fields of application:

  • Standard aerosols: complete lines with maximal flexibility thanks to a complete machine program from semiautomatic equipment to high speed lines with up to 600 aerosol cans per minute
  • Special filling machiens for Polyurethane foams: product specific solutions from single stations to automatic filling, including shakers
  • Special filling machines for Bag-On-Valves (BOV): for a gentle and secure processing from small scale production till industrial processing
  • Dosing aerosols / Metered Dose Inhalers (MDIs): product specific filling equipment for pharmaceutical dosing aerosols like anti-asthmatic sprays. For us this includes as well the consulting for the best possible filling method of your formulation, equipment validation and qualifying packages. The preparation of documents proofs that equipment, installation and functionality, user requirements, as well as requirements to current norms, laws and regulations, especially concerning GMP and GAMP are fulfilled.

Industrial sectors:

Fillers and job-fillers of any size in the fields of:

  • - Pharmaceutics (pharmaceutical products, MDI, 1 and 2 step)
  • Cosmetics (deodorants, antiperspirants, hairspray, cremes, lotions, etc.)
  • Household products (room fresheners, cleaning agents, etc.)
  • Insecticides, fungiсides, plant protection
  • Car care products (lacquer sprays, de-icers, care products, polishes, rust converter, etc.)
  • Inks and lacquers
  • Chemical and technical sprays (air fresheners, inks & lacquers, lubricants, greases, rust protection agents, etc.)
  • Food (whipped cream, cremes, vitamin preparates)
  • Lifestyle products (thermal water, oxygen sprays)
  • Veterinary products
  • Polyurethane foams and cleaners

Peripheral equipment and materials:

We offer complete lines for can production, for printing and lacquering metal sheets and aerosol monoblock cans, as well as consumables like inks & lacquers (thermal & UV curing), powder lacquers for welding seam protection or for internal coating of monoblock cans, compounds for can ends, rubber blankets, etc.