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Beverage closures
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Lug caps
Champagne & wine capsules
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Lug Caps (Twist-Off closures):

Complete lines to make lug caps (Twist-Off closures), consisting of:

  • Sheet feeder
  • Outside roller waxing
  • Sheet transfer
  • ZigZag sheet or strip feeding system
  • Sheet feeder or strip press to make shells
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Transfer presses
  • Auto transfer devices
  • Lining devices
  • Accumulation and transport conveyors
  • Ovens
  • Exit conveyors
  • Packing and counting devices
  • (Multy-) die tools for any type of lug caps, with easy change over system

Peripheral equipment and materials:

We offer complete lines for printing and lacquering metal sheets, as well as supply material like inks & lacquers (thermal & UV curing), compounds / plastisols, rubber blankets, etc.