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Champagne capsules & Wine capsules:

Machine lines for manufacturing sophisticated wound and glued warranty closures (capsules) for wine, spirits and champagne.

The variety of possible machine stations offers market- and product oriented means of promoting sales and upgrading bottles by attractive capsules. Automatic, integrated stations guarantee an optimized process even at high production speeds when processing foils made of plastic (PVC, PET, Polyester, etc.), laminate (polylaminate, PE/AL/PE) and aluminium or special tin foils. For decorative, individually designed capsules and modern sales aesthetics that serves as protection at the same time.

  • Goffering of the body foil
  • Hot stamping of the body foil offers flexible and high quality decoration of the capsule for an excellent product finish
  • Parallel overlap of the body foil by edge cut
  • Medallion cut
  • Line- or hole perforation, horizontal or vertical to the capsule axis to make it more easy to tear off and to support the tear of tape
  • Tear-off aids with inserted tear-off tape, optionally with two cuts on the body foil for secure and easy opening of the capsule. Possibility to apply an aluminium strip to prevent the outside end of the tear-off tape from shrinking with the plastic capsule
  • Top disc punched from a printed or unprinted web foil with decoration by embossing (positive or negative), printing of the embossed surface and / or hot stamping. For wine capsules with ventilations cuts or punched holes
  • Channelling / Fluting of the body foil
  • Application of spacers as distance groove, interrupted distance groove, shoulder or nipple for even more easy de-nesting of the capsule from the bar
  • Other, individual solutions upon clients requests