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Tubes, aluminium monoblock aerosol cans, bottles:

We offer a wide range of equipment and complete line sections of equipment and material to produce aluminium and plastic tubes as well as aluminium monobloc aerosol cans and bottles.

For plastic and aluminium tubes:

  • Extrusion
  • Header
  • Accummulators
  • Base coating machines
  • Offset printing machines up to 8 colours
  • Varnishing machines
  • Ovens (thermal & UV curing)
  • Membrane punch and sealing machines
  • Capping machines for srew caps, flip-top caps and push caps (with and without orientation)
  • Latex / Sealant lacquer / Compound spray machines for aluminium tubes
  • Special and multifunction machines (nozzle application, shoulder varnishing, security seal application, capping, cap torque adjustment, caps orientation, labelling, quality control)

For Aluminium monobloc cans:

  • Extrusion presses
  • Trimming
  • Brushing
  • Washing
  • Inside lacquering (wet lacquer or powder)
  • Basecoating
  • Offset printing machines up to 8 colours
  • Varnishing
  • Ovens (thermal & UV curing)
  • Accumulators
  • Necking equiment
  • Packing
  • Special and multifunction machines

Medium to high speed offset printing and lacquering equipment to decorate aluminium and plastic containers:

  • Full automatic offset printing and lacquering machines for printing and lacquering on aluminium and plastic containers
  • Base coating
  • Offset Printing up to 8 colours
  • Lacquering and Varnishing
  • Wet on wet lacquering units
  • Degreasing and drying conventional ovens (thermal drying, with gas or electric heating) and UV curing
  • Container stores / Accumulators
  • Mandrels quick change
  • Ink remote control
  • Fast washing device for ink rollers
  • Camera inspection system for real time quality control
  • Quality control system “zero faults”
  • Temperature control devices for inks, lacquer and varnish
  • Feeding systems
  • Automatic viscosity control and adjustable mixing of lacquer and varnish
  • Container surface treatment systems, cleaning and deionization

Peripheral equipment and materials:

We offer as well printing inks and wet and powder lacquers (thermal & UV curing), hot stamp foil, latex compounds, etc.