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Printing and Lacquering:

Complete lines and single components to print, lacquer and cure metal sheets and objects:

  • Single and multicolour printing lines
  • Lacquering lines
  • Combined printing- und lacquering lines
  • Thermal curing ovens with 18 – 36 meter heated length
  • UV curing systems
  • Incineration and heat-recovering systems
  • Wicket washing devices
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Printing plate development systems (exposing, washing, drying) lamps and plate guillotines
  • Proofing presses
  • Spare parts, conveyor chains and wickets for existing coating- and lacquering machines and metal decorating ovens (e.g. for Mailaender, LTG, Ratcliff, Wellman-Chal)

Peripheral equipment and materials:

We offer as well printing inks and lacquers (thermal & UV curing), rubber blankets, printing plates, UV protection foil, etc.