Barrier package for sensitive medical devices


Barrier package for sensitive medical devices

With our partner company Rychiger we were honored to work for our customer NATIVA on the packaging concept for 2 different DPI (Dry Powder Inhaler).

The product packaging ensures a longer shelf life through improved product protection. The packaging concept combines an easy peelable cover film with a sturdy container, which can also be designed for larger products.

The ideal barrier properties of the aluminum and the excellent sealing integrity of the cover film prevent that moisture, light, oxygen and other gases entering the packaging. The production of the containers is fully GMP-compliant and the containers can be designed in customized shapes.

This form of packaging is particularly suitable for inhalation and injection products as well as other diagnostic devices that require a high level of mechanical protection and barrier properties. But also in other industries, which demand safe packaging solutions for sensitive goods, such as the electronics industry, there are wide areas of application for this solution.

The FS200 plant was put into operation in Kursk at Pharmstandard Leksredstva.