Flexible multi-format filling technology


Flexible multi-format filling technology

Smaller batch sizes and frequent changeovers challenge the efficiency of traditional dedicated filling lines.

Our customer INGAL gave us the task to develop a fully automatic, compact, flexible and truly modular filling and closing line for different nested RTU glass and plastic syringes, as well as different vials. Filling media reached from vaccines in the form of liquid solutions to be lyophilized to high viscous hyaluronic acid (HA) gels. Moreover, the high viscous gels are to be filled completely bubble free.

Our Swiss partner ZELLWAG PHARMTECH with its multiformat machine Z-810 R-2 for filling and sealing of nested syringes, vials and cartridges has just the right solution for this challenge and sets a new standard with this multiplex fill and finish platform:

Operating personnel places the packaged tub into the feeding system, where it is opened fully automatically. All processes from unpacking to sealing are carried out under laminar flow. The heart of the machine is a fully integrated clean room robot from Swiss manufacturer STÄUBLI. Thanks to a modular system design and the close cooperation with SIEMENS, ZELLWAG PHARMTECH mastered to have a highly efficient concept, allowing changes from different dosage or completely new recipes and packing media in a matter of minutes, completely tool less. Filling and closing is executed under vacuum to ensure no air is entrapped into the product.

For process safety and full control over all parameters, ZELLWAG PHARMTECH developed also a matching product conditioning solution, starting already from the product preparation with a special vacuum mixer for HA gel and other viscous products. Mixing takes place under controlled and programmable vacuum and temperature conditions. The ready to fill product is then fed safely from system compatible product containers to the filling system.

The result is stunning and exceeds the expectations. High flexibility, ease of operation and a small footprint result in a very low total cost of ownership giving our customer a very powerful and competitive system. Out of this showcase solution ZELLWAG PHARMTECH developed an entire system family, starting with table top lab and small scale equipment up to the fully automatic integrated system.