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Beverage Closure

Beverage Closure Plastic Closure

Plastic Closure

Besides equipment for aluminum closures, which are often used for alcoholic beverages, we also have dedicated solutions for the production of various kinds of plastic closures. Often these are multicomponent caps, which require complex orientation and assembling operations in combination with several decoration steps. However, we also have equipment to make one-component screw caps for water, vegetable oil or isotonic drinks, which require delicate cutting and bending operations.

Beverage Closure Aluminum Closure

Aluminum Closure

During the last two decades, we have been entrusted by many leading beverage closure producers to supply them with full cycle closure productions. Among those, there have been high-speed production lines for standard closures like aluminum PP closures as well as many special projects that required highly individual solutions. Even though sometimes we just provided individual machines, the precondition for a successful project is always to understand the entire production process.

We offer the full range of equipment to produce such kinds of closures, including printing and lacquering metal sheets, first draw presses, redrawing machines, equipment for sidewall decoration, roll forming, embossing, shaving, hot stamping, cutting and assembling.