3D Printing

3D Printing EXIGO The additive manufacturing platform engineered by coobx

EXIGO The additive manufacturing platform engineered by coobx

With EXIGO the times when 3D printing was an experimental tool for R&D is gone.

Additive manufacturing no longer means only single parts or small batches. With the EXIGO production lines, you can reach production sizes you need. The modular system allows combining up to 12 printers, up to 6 different materials with auto refill, up to 5 different post-processing options, and an automatic pick & place storage system for an independent operation of at least 15 hours and highest production efficiency.

Producing perfect parts is not only depending on the printer. Material, pre- and post-processing need to be adapted to the process. The system comes with a software that allows to simply uploading the 3D file. In cooperation with various partners, coobx carefully selects and intensively tests printing materials before they get qualified for production use, thus offering a wide variety of materials for perfect results.