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Cosmetic & Body Care

Cosmetic pencil filling Mascara bottle wiper assembly line Single-color and multicolour dry powder pressing machines Automatic filling and assembling machines for markers Assembly machine for 2-piece cosmetic bottles Mascara and lip gloss filling and capping machine Lip stick filling machines Silicone moulds Marker filling and assembling line Cosmetic dry powders Cosmetic wet powder Cosmetic backed powders Cosmetic powder into jars Cosmetic loose powders Lipsticks Cosmetic pencils Mascara, glosses and liquid foundation Nail varnish Tube fillers and cartoning machines Biomedical Cosmetic packaging Glass Writing instruments Medical devices Automotive Food Cosmetics Food Medical Hygiene

Cosmetic & Body Care

Already Marilyn Monroe said: “Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”

Everybody likes to be beautiful. With our production solutions for cosmetic products, we help people to look better, feel better and get their part of the world.

If you are in cosmetics production, we have the right equipment portfolio to cover most of your equipment needs.