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Aerosol Monobloc Can

Aerosol Monobloc Can

After the production of the aerosol monobloc can body, we can supply equipment for inside powder coating, offset decoration, digital printing and hot stamping. We also supply filling, capping and packing lines.

Fish can Sprout can Sheet, strip Deep drawn round can Deep drawn rectangular can Round  Hansa Club Rectangular / Dingley Palletizer Sheet feder

2-Piece Can

Our lines are stamping from the straight or scroll sheet or strip every kind of aluminum or tin plate can.

Not only fish can be filled in the cans, cheers!

Pail Welding seam protection Welder Slitter / shear Duplex slitter Automatic can body welding machine Semiautomatic can body welding machine Palletizer Ear Welder Paint Oven: Gas, Induction or Electro Induction curing system Can body forming equipment: Nеcking, Flanging, Beading, Seaming Laboratory equipment Soudronic

3-Piece Can

Since decades, the can is the best way to pack food when no cooling chain is available. What is good enough for food is also fine for technical applications. We supply all equipment required for 3-piece can production, from semiautomatic hand welders up to fully automatic high-speed production lines for food cans, general line cans, pails and aerosols – from the unprinted tinplate sheet to the palletized and filled can!

Maybe your existing line needs an upgrade with a new welding seam protection system or you need help optimizing your powder consumption? Get in touch with us.

Tin plate and aluminium Ends for pails, cans and drums Decorative lids Twist off caps SKO Lever top Finned top Scroll strips Aerosol cones and domes Wrapper Unwrapper Ring EOE Easy Open Ends PME Pealable Membrane Ends Straight Strips or Scroll Sheet feeder

Can End

Every Jack has his Jill!

Standard ends for standard cans
Aerosol cones and domes for aerosol cans
Crown tops for drums
Rings for pails
EOE for people without tin opener
… and all the other couples

We have the right lid for your pot, respectively the right equipment to manufacture your lid.
If you like, we even wrap it at the end.

Leak Tester

Leak Tester

Our leak testers cannot only handle cans (food and aerosol), but also empty plastic bottles, filled and sealed products, mono block applications, EOEs or extra large containers – starting from laboratory / statistic sampling, linear solutions up to rotary 100% inline machines.