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Counting & Packing

Counting & Packing

Do you need equipment for counting and confectioning parts? We have the right solution for many industries such as technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, technical, toy or sanitary sector. No matter if the items to be packed are foodstuff, metal, plastic, glass or other. Our machines

  • take over the articles
  • count, weigh and feed them precisely
  • carefully commission and pack them in single or collective bags
  • weld the bags
  • label the packaging with barcodes, expiry date or other data
  • hand over the packaging to secondary packaging equipment

The equipment can work with bag or foils (PE, PP or laminated foil as half-tube or flat foil) with different bag widths, infinitely adjustable bag length and variable number of bags per minute. Flat products can be packed with additional packing goods, individually or in bag chains with individual welds (also ultrasonic), safety seal and tear-open perforation.

Today’s commonly short product cycles can be easily addressed with our modular concept.