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Aerosol & Spray

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Thanks to our partner PAMASOL, we are in the position to provide you with complete production lines for any kind of aerosol or spray system. Starting from manual R&D devices up to 600 cans per minute, we have a solution for every need and for every industry: building materials, technical applications, foodstuff, car care, insecticides, cosmetics and medicine are just a part of the wide field of aerosol applications. Besides standard aerosols, BOV and other common systems, we are constantly developing customer and project specific solutions to help our customers create outstanding products.

We do not only provide the filling equipment. You also get the complete range of complementary equipment necessary to start up an aerosol production, including sorting, feeding and fitting machines, pumps, filters, testing and safety equipment as well as measuring devices. On top you profit from the vast and dedicated aerosol know how which we share with our customers.

We are proud that the aerosol industry appreciates our work and rewarded us with so many installations, not only in the factories of the big players, but also in many small and mid-size aerosol producers in totally different industries.

Nasal Spray


Filling and closing of sprays, drop dispensers, glass bottles and other containers often requires greatest possible flexibility. Another key criterion for our customer’s success are multi-format machines being able to handle many different product types. Therefore, our machines are strictly designed to offer fast and easy tool-free change overs, whenever possible. This gives the ease to process many different container and closure sizes and shapes on one single filling line.

All machines are available for aseptically and non-aseptically filling, and where required we provide fully integrated solutions, complete with isolators and laminar air flow.

To provide full production lines, we offer also up- and downstream equipment, such as e.g. product preparation, inspection and labelling equipment, assembling and secondary packaging machines.