ATF PVC plastisol for twist-off caps and beverage closures

PVC plastisol for twist-off caps and beverage closures

ATF has decades of experience in the production of PVC plastisols for various fields of application and focuses on sealing compounds for the food and beverage industry. Besides the main business ATF also produces PVC plastisols for casting and dip coating, floorings, vinyl textured wallpapers and different other special applications.

Together with our partner ATF, we supply twist-off cap producers and beverage closure producers with plastisols for twist-off (lug) caps for water-, oil- and fat containing filling goods for pasteurization and sterilisation, crown corks and beverage screw caps.

In a time of ever more demanding regulations and increased consumer awareness, it is very important to be able to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. Thanks to highly qualified professionals and well-equipped development and production facilities ATF always meets technical as well as regulatory demands. Besides as well proven product portfolio being continuously updated, ATF also develops customer specific formulations. A lean corporate structure allows an attractive pricing policy.

WAKOL Sealing compounds for can and pail ends

Sealing compounds for can and pail ends

Sealing Compounds make the difference whether your products involve food, beverage or technical goods, whether your cover geometry is round, oval or square, whether you work in ultra-efficient in-line processes or are organised in separated workstations, the product line has the right product ready for you. Included are products for composite cans, as well as for extreme chemical stress conditions, e.g. in aerosol cans for hairspray, or even in fuel filters.

You can always expect a safe application in economical and energy-efficient processes.

Sealants for collapsible aluminum tubes

Sealants for collapsible tubes

Water-based latex sealants for collapsible aluminium tubes.

Suitable for coated and uncoated tubes, good resistance, air drying.